1 New cycle, advance for the sake of progress

  • [] 10: Intuition, fortune, luck, better conditions: Rewards from efforts that have already been put into effect. Progress & improvement.
  • [] 19: Love, marriage, rewards, new beginnings: Happy reunions, honors and esteem are manifested at this time as a result of past creativity.
  • [] 28: Contradictions, competition, surprise, unusual events. Sudden events will test ability to judge fairly without becoming too emotional.
  • [] 37: Friendships, partnerships, love, family, business travel: An influential person can help to achieve the results striving for.
  • [] 46: Good karma, new opportunities, childhood acquaintance, success: An enthusiastic attitude will impress others & create support.
  • [] 55: Honor, the special birth of a child, clarity: Leadership & intellectual skills will be rewarded. Environment altered by someone leaving.
  • [] 64: Responsibility, tests, awareness, a special person: Develop inner-awareness through yoga or other form of spiritual discipline.
  • [] 73: Work, meditation, values: Place purposes & aims in proper perspective. Seek wisdom, look for the deeper values. Acknowledge your mood, listen to sad music. Drive to the beach on a rainy day.

 Maturing, results gained through willingness to wait 

  • [] 11: Tests, legal matters inspiration, art, quick decisions: Sudden events, money matters, partnership complications may have to be settled, educational pursuits. Come up with new ideas. The right combination of attitudes will produce what you desire in the future. You are under the vibration of the spotlight. Channel your intense energies into something worthwhile, then you will accomplish much. Seek a balance. Business matters are not favored right now, though you can come up with many good ideas to use at a later time. Limelight, religion, deep thinking Study, examine philosophy, and religion Focus on psychic ability, relating to Oneness with the Universe. May be interested in the inspirational, aviation, theatre. Actions that are based on intuition could easily bring success this vibration. Do activities that can be furthered by enthusiasm, and a desire to better conditions in any area. Have an attitude of understanding, unlimited faith in inspirations. Do not seek after fame & fortune. 
  • [] 20: Turning points, decisions, changes, adaptability, reconstruction: Look at the pros and cons measure the present situation.
  • [] 29: Learning period, commercial opportunities: Watch for opportunities, evaluate offers carefully. Test inner powers in the light.
  • [] 38: Love, marriage, dreams, visions, rewards, recognition: Dreams will bring important messages, awakening to a deeper part of self.
  • [] 47: Discrimination, dreams fulfilled: Develop realistic methods to achieve desires. Do not be distracted by temptations there will be tests
  • [] 56: Balance, decisions, cooperation, dishonesty: Maintain balance & self-control Do not base decisions & judgments on appearances.
  • [] 65: Promotion, risks, assistance, influential people, elevation in personal status, rewards, marriage: Power in one’s chosen field.
  • [] 74: Gifts, inheritances, balance, sharing: Atone and settle for a prior imbalance. Perform in group activeties, express talents.

 3 Express imaginative ideas in a constructive manner 

  • [] 12: Waiting period, change of views, submission: Meditate, address self-imposed miseries. See errors in thinking. Flow with the forces.
  • [] 21: Travel, change, rewards, success, new worlds, marriages: Carry out plans. Negativity will cause loss of emotional control.
  • [] 30: Work completed, celebration, romance, a happy home: Creativity enhanced. Practice mind-stimulating arts to improve communication
  • [] 39: Love, propositions, vacations.
  • [] 48: Success, success abandoned, travel: Dissipating your energy could result in instability. Use your material gains to help those who suffer
  • [] 57: Separation, delay, expression, growth: Maintain a logical approach to emotional situations. Detach yourself, find the humor, be creative.
  • [] 66: Friends, inheritance, education, money, promotion, courts, travel: A feeling of financial security. Create a successful business.
  • [] 75:Money, travel, patience, hard work: The lesson of practicality, & steady application of energy towards a positive goal.

 4 Stay on task, organized, laying the foundation for security

  • [] 13: Change, release, transformation: Expect things to happen that will end conditions that are no longer useful. Alter rigidness.
  • [] 22:Travel, plans, advancements, dreams coming true, reaching goals: Organize concepts then present creative ideas to those in authority .
  • [] 22. Access knowledge and the knowledge of yourself. Let go of the past out of deeper understanding of self. Expand your love. Shoot for the stars and nothing less. Dreams now coming true, through advancements, and reaching your goals. Travel. Go to the head or those in authority with your creative ideas. It is a good chance your ideas would be accepted now. Many people could benefit from your present ideas. You may find others coming to you for your opinions and advice in your known field of expertise. This is a powerful material vibration. This is an excellent vibration for projects which will be a public service. Keep others in mind, or the power of this vibration may work against you. Anything that is solely for you is apt to be unsuccessful during this vibration. Materialism, large endeavors Work, group, dominance humanitarian social position, dominant but not harsh.
  • [] 40: Finances, building, birth: Handle money wisely, budget, put affairs in order. Leave old habits be hind uncover what impeded progress.
  • [] 49: Good health, satisfaction, marriage for security, possible restrictions: Be honest in business matters, optimistic attitude improves health.
  • [] 58: Rest, relief, retreat, convalescence: Gather strength through peace & quiet. Time to analyze situation, concentrate & meditate on things.
  • [] 67: Work, patience, firmness, unemployment. Use talents & resources, do not depend on others for help. Change habits.
  • [] 76: Employment, skills: Get involved in training, apprenticeship, or job opportunity that will develop skills. Balance work with play.

5 Change, plan a goal for advancement, make new adjustments

  • [] 14: Sexual principle, social/family obligations, competition, risks: Channel creativity powers through the higher energy centers.
  • [] 23: Protection, guidance, inheritance, contracts, travel, peace of mind: Follow the advice of those in authority. Be truthful, no quarreling.
  • [] 32: Good news, joy, humor, rewards, victory: Favorable settlements. Recognize the force of the Universe working through self.
  • [] 41: Love, abundance, radiance, fertility, change: Love of life may appear at this time. Do not be impulsive. Take time making decisions.
  • [] 50: Love, family ties, happy changes, gifts, trips: Messages or conversations could bring favorable news as well as promising opportunities.
  • [] 59: Travel, change, responsibility, accidents, romance: Avoid impulsiveness & risk taking. Accept responsibilities, stand up for beliefs.
  • [] 68: Education, communication, materialism, acceptance of invitations, travel, new paths: Details & proper planning achieves goals.
  • [] 77: Good fortune, popularity, achievement: Resources avail able for travel, entertainment. Social life will improve, creative side awakened

6 Meet responsibilities and duties unselfishly with harmony

  • [] 15: Indecision, bondage, freedom, discernment, material, contracts: Decide whether experiences at this time are limiting or freeing.
  • [] 24: Family matters, love, marriage, birth of children: Give proper council, understand the feelings and emotions of family members.
  • [] 33. Feel revitalized. Plan to have a little time of your own to maintain your quiet moments to grow in knowledge and wisdom. Strengthen your intuition and wisdom of the ancients. Maintain your faith in your inner abilities. Others will seek you out for assistance. Discrimination must be used in order to select those tasks which require the use of your energy. Use your energies to help alleviate their problems. You may be called for assistance from home, people in your family, or from older people. Special situations will open your eyes and allow you to see yourself and your purpose for existing. This will give you a clue as to what direction you should take in your life. Enlightenment and increased understanding will come if your mind is kept open. Care about and for others, a time for kindness. It is a time for attending to whatever comes your way and showing no displeasure or begrudging anyone or anything. This is a spiritual influence all things of such nature can be of considerable benefit. Look upon everyone as your friend. Seek to increase your understanding of everything.
  • [] 42: Contracts, agreements marriage, meditation: Cooperative attitude will create an atmosphere of harmony. Peace through understanding.
  • [] 51: Legal dealings, justice, perception, authority: Disagreements could result in hostilities. Be alert for the harsh actions of rivals.
  • [] 60: Passage, new home, invitations, companionship, proposals, love, legal dealings: A meeting of the minds, a coming together aspect.
  • [] 69: Honor, fame, contentment: Respect in home, profession & in the community. Increase in finances will allow for generous contributions
  • [] 78: Great fortune, happy family, the arts: Set sights on cultural achievements. Support the world of beauty & art. Pursue creative work

Quality time alone, get mental and spiritual house in order

  • [] 16: Love affairs, deception, health, accidents, awakenings, losses, confinement: Alter erroneous ideas do not overwork. Do not act selfishly.
  • [] 25: Change of residence, trials, health, success: Use the mind to visualize every detail of what desires. Success will come after work
  • [] 34: Haste, messages, settlements, romance, jealousy, travel: Stagnant conditions are beginning to flow, final settlements will be made.
  • [] 43: Abundance, rejoicing, healing, rewards: Results of past endeavors are evident.
  • [] 52: Change, separation, meditation, new challenges: Necessary at this time to be in solitude in order to relate to the spiritual world.
  • [] 61: Health, travel, completion, faith: Listen to the advice given by someone who knows, or the inner self. Be tolerant of the errors of others.
  • [] 70: Partnership, business travel, business: Insight into opposing forces. Creative ideas solve difficult ties in business or promote products.

Efficiency, determination, and cooperation, to elevate & improve

  • [] 17: Good fortune, advancements, rewards, gifts, travel, meditation, assistance, improved health: Positive attitude-positive things happen.
  • [] 26: Messages, partnerships/contracts, marriage, gestation & karma between parent & child: An important figure will present themselves.
  • [] 35: Preparedness, strength, inheritance, recognition, business: Maintain a healthy lifestyle, regulate the demands of the material world.
  • [] 44: Karma, reevaluation, opportunity: The answers can be found only within self. Give advice & wisdom to help liberate others. Reevaluate your present set of circumstances. By finding the answers you seek, you will have knowledge to share with others the rewards or experiences offered in this cycle. If your past efforts have been productive, you will see an increase in your finances and status. Goodness will increase in your life in the form of friends, and kindness bestowed upon you. If your efforts of the past were less than positive or wasteful, then you may be facing unwanted and restricting burdens.
  • [] 71: Opportunity, advancement, gain: Professional development. Being dependable, steady & reliable will bring recognition & promotion. 9. Change, endings, transitions, charity, inspiration: Many stops & starts. Possibly a change of jobs, residence, or children leaving home. However not a good time for changing jobs. Allow no one to commit a nuisance in your life or in your affairs. Get your life in order and make any changes indicated. This is a time to eliminate the useless: Make the final selection between assimilable material and what should be rejected as waste. The seeds you have planted 8 years ago in your 1st year are now ripened & being harvested. Be emotionally independent. Do something charitable, give to others, be artistic. This is the time for self-sacrifice and loss. Unlooked for endings will occur. This is an emotional and dramatic time. A vibration of fulfillment, but not good for new starts.

9 Closing cycle of experiences, completion & fulfillment

  • [] 18: Caution, deception in business, difficulties in personal affairs, dreaming, healing, body care: Focus: exercise, maintain healthy habits.
  • [] 27: Birth, marriage, close partnerships, start of a new business, a journey: Events could lead to wealth, prosperity and reaching goals.
  • [] 36: Obstacles, intuition, invention, leadership: Persevere with determination through the burdens placed at this time.
  • [] 45: Old friends, partial gains, learning experiences: Use things gained to initiate something new. Don’t spend time regretting past mistakes.
  • [] 49: Vigilance, messages, secrets: Unknown things will be revealed, look for the deeper truth. Those who work against right will be defeated
  • [] 63: Struggles, unselfishness, a cycle of endings, changes, healing: Learn in emotional turmoil to be come less emotional. Detachment of self
  • [] 72: Increase, wealth, satisfaction: Examine motives. Pursue a practical goal useful to others, do not be deterred from goals.


  • [__/__] 1 Initiate 1st - 7th:        [__/_]                  [_]

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

  • [__/__] 2 Refine 8th - 14th         [__/_]                  [_]

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

  • [__/__] 3 Transform 15th - 21st: [__/_]                 [_]

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

  • [__/__] 4 Power    22nd- 28th: [__/_]                 [_]

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________



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