HealthWealthAndRomance Cycle:9

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HealthWealthAndRomance Cycle:9


[_]9 Restore Sense Of Wellbeing: 9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,90,99

Sensitivity: Contagious diseases, over-stimulated, headaches, subst abuse, drama

Foods: apple, apricot, dates, rhubarb, tomato, bell peppers, eggplant, leeks. Vitamins: B12, C

Activity: Travel, jogging, horseback riding, carving & etching, jogging


[] apple 1,2,3,9 Inhibits fermentation in stomach. Cools, reduces fever, eases dry-hot lungs. Eliminates mucous from lungs, reduces risk of heart disease, inhibits development of certain cancers. Apples possess some penicillin like properties. Fresh apple juice or fresh apple sauce can knock out stomach flu and polio viruses. 2 thin slices of raw apples after each meal or snack decreases germs that causes tooth decay. By eating more apples cholesterol-induced gallstones can be prevented from forming. Eating grated or chopped apples without the peel checks diarrhea. Counteracts depression, apple eaters suffer far fewer stress-related illnesses. The scent of spiced apples produces a calming effect which helps to lower blood pressure. Eating fresh whole apples including the skin, 2-3 times a day protects against heart disease. It prevents the body from pumping out too much insulin, which helps bring down blood cholesterol. The juice of apples is a highly effective virus fighter. Apples are also good for those who are striving to loose weight, it is an appetite suppressant without robbing nutrients from the body. Lubricates, and clears heat from the body. Helps with morning sickness. Nutrients: B-2/Riboflavin, C/Ascorbic Acid, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Silicon, Sodium, Energy: Cool Flavor: Sweet Organs Affected: Spleen-pancreas In Season:

[] apricot 6,9 Lubricates lungs, colon. Good for anemia, antioxidant. Use in moderation during pregnancy, may weaken or suppress central nervous system or respiratory functions. Apricots help to clean the blood and helps to control high blood pressure and premature heart attacks. Apricots offer antioxidants protecting against: lung, larynx, esophagus, bladder, and stomach cancers. Nutrients: A/Carotene, B-2/Riboflavin, B-3/ Niacin, Folic Acid, P-Bioflavonoids, Calcium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, In Season:

[] dates 8,9 Known to have been cultivated as far back as 3,500 B.C. in the Nile Valley of Kemet. Dates are known as “The Candy That Grows on Trees” Arabian caravans relied on dates on long journeys used across the dessert. Dates are a heat producing foods, they give energy to those who engage in physical exercise and hard work. Dates dilute excess gastric acid in the gut relieving heartburn. For upset stomach eat a few dates or soak several in a cup of hot water then drink the liquid. Good for nervousness & hysteria from weakness. Helps to remedy an overly critical nature by bringing out the quality of sweetness and tenderness. Works also as a laxative. Used for aging, lack of semen, and impotence. According to Medicinal Plants of the Bible dates may help with testicular tumors, stomach, uterus, & abdominal tumors, hardness of the liver and spleen, as well as, ulcerated & non ulcerated cancers. Avoid when: diabetic conditions exist, yeast infections, or respiratory infections. According to Medicine of the Prophet dried dates stimulates liver functions, intestinal secretions,, eating fresh or dried dates increases sexual potency. Do not eat fresh dates excessively, may cause bladder pain. Dried Medina dates are used as an antidote to poison and negativity. Good for spleen, stomach. Nutrients: A, B-1/Thiamine, B-2/Riboflavin, B-3/Niacin, Chlorine, Flourine, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous Potassium, Sodium, . Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season: Fruit:

[] rhubarb 9 Cooling effect on inflamed liver. Detoxifies after eating too much meat. With rhubarb there is an enhanced ability to accept sexuality, to share in the energy of creation, and to see the joyousness in being incarnated in this dimension. It helps one to focus more on relearning one’s inner connection with the soul, nature, and higher spiritual consciousness. Caution: The oxalic acid could cause poisoning. Leaves are poisonous, eating them has caused deaths. Eat in moderation, not recommended for people who form calcium oxalate kidney stones or for those with inadequate calcium absorption. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use rhubarb. Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:

[] tomato 9 Certain cultures once recommended tomatoes for warriors. Quenches thirst. Tomatoes are cooling, cleanses heat, promotes body fluid. Detoxifies blood. After digestion tomatoes alkalizes the blood. Tomatoes are very useful in some cases of gout, rheumatism, and anorexia. Has anticarcinogenic properties. Best avoided by people with arthritis or osteoporosis because they upset calcium balance. Long term use weakens gastrointestinal tract. Acids of green tomatoes are detrimental to kidneys. Avoid if ulcerous conditions. Good for stomach, liver. Nutrients: A/Beta-Carotene, B-5/Pantothenic Acid, Chlorine, Fluorine, Iodine, Potassium, Selenium, Silicon, Sulfur, Energy: Cold Flavor: Sweet, sour Organs Affected: Stomach, liver In Season:


[] bell peppers 9 Cooling, improves appetite. Not recommended for people with weak digestion or frail health. Iodine, Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:

[] eggplant 9 Renews arteries. Removes stagnant blood. Used for bleeding problems, influences blood in lower parts of the body. Relieves pain and swelling, prevents strokes. Useful with skin ulcers, boils, mastitis, bleeding from anus and in urine. Brings energy and blood to the uterus while removes coagulated blood. Certain cultures in Asia discourage pregnant women eating eggplant. It is believed that eggplant may contribute to miscarriage. Good for large intestine, spleen, stomach. Nutrients: Chlorine, Iodine, Sulfur, Energy: Cool Flavor: Sweet Organs Affected: Large intestine, spleen, stomach In Season:

[] leeks 9 Tonifies and support energy movement. Stimulates the appetite, good diuretic. With leeks there is a greater awareness of the child to be. Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season: Preconception: Creates bonding before conception, but it is recommended to start 3 weeks after conception, so that during this time period the father can also bond with the child. Pregnancy: Good to eat during pregnancy. Leeks enhance the ability to bond with the child in the uterus. Both mother and baby cooperate at the unconscious level. Leeks energy creates and releases in order that the bonding become more conscious, and agreements can be made on a soul level. Eases fears of the expectant parents. Childbirth: Creates a sense of calmness. Eases the birthing process Postpartum: Leeks are recommended for easing postpartum depression in moms who feel a sense of loss of connection, from the physical bonding, and deep sense of oneness with the child. Childhood: Good for early childhood.


[] garlic 1,3,9 Recorded to have given strength to the pyramid builders. When plagues ravaged Europe people ate garlic daily as a protection against diseases. Treats nervous problems. Headaches, spasms, cramps, mild seizures. Garlic is detoxifying to the blood and lymphatic systems. Treats upper respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, colds, & influenza, and asthma. Garlic reduces swelling and relieves pain. Good for high or low blood pressure. Garlic fights hypertension, prevents embolism or blood clots and lowers bad cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels. ½ clove boots the body’s natural protection against blood clots, which is the cause of heart attacks and 2 garlic cloves a day lower cholesterol levels in heart patients. Garlic has the ability to change body chemistry and to assist in fat absorption. It increases body heat, lowers fever, eliminates toxins. It is a decongestant, and an expectorant in the treatment of colds and bronchitis. It wards off olds pneumonia, whopping cough, and a wide array of intestinal disorders. It slows the growth of human cytomegalo virus, a virus often seen in heart patients. Chinese doctors say that garlic boosts the body’s natural immunity.

Studies report that AIDS patients who ate at least 1 clove garlic a day for 3 months significantly improved their immune functions. Garlic has a positive effect in prevention of cancer and improves diabetic management. In some cases chronic herpes sores were eradicated, in others cancer cells were destroyed. Garlic lowers rates of stomach cancer. Japanese studies suggest that garlic might be an effective weapon against a form of breast cancer. Garlic blocks the formation of carcinogens that lead to colon cancer.

Garlic helps to slow down the aging process. Eases fears. Helping one to know death with less fear in order to understand life, it increases ones appreciation for life. It also is helpful for those who are in the transition, helping them to become more relaxed and acquainted with the dimension moving from passing from one place to another recognizing the potentials.

Garlic helps one to understand negative thought forms, to see their purpose and thus to change their vibration so the thoughts are transcended.


Not recommended for menopausal hot flashes.  Excessive garlic damages stomach and liver. Mildly stimulates uterus – use with moderation during pregnancy. “However, excessive eating of garlic can also cause headache, damage the brain, weaken the vision, weaken sexual desire, dry up semen, arouse thirst, precipitate discharge of yellow bile, and generate bad breath…” Medicine of The Prophet.

Antibacterial, antifungal. Nutrients: A/Beta-Carotene, A, B-1/Thiamine, B-2/Riboflavin, B-3/Niacin, B-17/Amygdalin, C/Ascorbic Acid, F/Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Chromium, Cobalt, Fluorine, Iodine, Magnesium, Phosophorus, Selenium, Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc In Season:


[] horse-radish 9 Inhibits bacterial infection, increases perspiration and circulation, acts as a diuretic. Helps to relieve mucus and stimulates digestion. Helps with other treatments for asthma. Used in weight reduction programs. Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:

[] mustard 9 In the Mediterranean world, mustard has been recognized as good medicine and as good food. A Sumerian tablet 4,000 years old mentions mustard. It is known to be of Ancient Kemet origin. The name mustard comes from blending the crushed seeds with fermenting grape juice (or must) to make the sauce known as mustard. Stimulates digestion and relieves gas. Old fashioned mustard was applied externally to soothe bodily aches. Best for fall, winter. Seeds: B-1/Thiamine, A/Beta-Carotene Black Mustard Seed: Diuretic, blood purifier, stimulant. For body energy, circulation, and heat. Topical plaster to increase blood flow to the skin and draws out inflammation and congestion. The seeds are used as the flavoring in table mustard. Greens can be cooked or added to salads: Anticancer, helps some stuck energy, good for colds, arthritis, depression. White Mustard: Small amounts of the ground seeds mixed with water act as a laxative and can relieve acid indigestion. Mustard is an ingredient in ointments for external relief of minor aches and pains. Magic and Medicine of Plants Readers Digest Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:

[] nettle 9 Kidney tonic, diuretic. Used to treat urinary problems, inflammatory conditions, such as cystitis and nephritis, asthma, and mucous conditions of the lungs. Treats hemorrhoids, bleeding and edema. Allergy relief, enriches blood, and thickens hair. Good for treating anemia in children. Use fresh nettle leaves in salads. Good for hypoglycemia, reduces blood sugar levels, ameliorates high blood pressure. Use for anemia and excessive menstruation. Nutrients: A, C. Chlorine, Chlorophyll, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Silicon, Sodium, Sulfur Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:

[] onion 9,7 A very popular food in Ancient Kemet and in Native Americans. It is said that frontiersmen were able to locate encampments in the spring time by the powerful onion scent that clung to an area. Onions may be effective in controlling diabetes by blocking sudden increases in blood sugar. Chewing onions completely sterilizes the mouth and throat, shielding against disease-causing germs and viruses. An important source of energy and endurance. In Arabia onions were valued for these properties: Expels toxic odor from the body, cut phlegm, increase sexual drive, give coction to the semen, and cleanse the stomach. Well cooked onions with one’s food benefit the treatment of jaundice, coarseness of chest, and coughing. Onions expel cold, counteract toxins, acts as a expectorant. They also increase the excretion of urine, and effect the evacuation of the bowels. Good for conditions of headaches, constipation, cold abdominal pain. Onions were treasured in ancient times for their value as a food that had therapeutic value for the treatment of kidney and bladder improves kidney function, lowers cholesterol. Onion treats a variety of digestive and heart ailments. Onion used as a tonic to soothe intestinal gas pains and to alleviate the symptoms of hypertension, high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol. Onions remove blood stagnation. Onions are an antioxidant and anticancer agent, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral. Helps remove parasites and heavy metals from system. Increases body heat. Onions are used externally as an antiseptic and a pain reliever. They help in conditions of Trichomonas vaginitis and for ulcers. Onions are very useful in conditions of mastitis, facial edema. In Bulgaria people attribute their long life to eating high concentrations of onions and yogurt. The juice of an onion along with syrup made from honey is useful for treating coughs, colds, and asthma attacks, and pneumonia. Onion opens the heart to release sadness allowing the sadness to be more easily understood. It strengthens the attitude of lovingness regarding spirituality. Onions reflect the necessity to peel away layers in order to know and understand one’s self better. With the full understanding of what one creates allows the sadness to be released. With onion there is a much clearer ability to know the difference between what is another person’s point of view and what is your own. The ability to understand the different between sympathy and empathy, and a clearer emotional frame of mind in which it is easier to release feelings rapidly. It allows you to see through another’s eyes for a moment, & see the world and the difficulties within it. Nutrients: B-1/Thiamine, B-2/Riboflavin, b-3/Niacin, B- 5/Pantothenic Acid, C/Ascorbic Acid, Calcium, Chromium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Silicon, Sodium, Sulfur, Energy: Warm Flavor: Pungent Organs Affected: Lungs, stomach In Season:

[] Burdock Helps with eruptive rashes, such as measles in the early stage. Also effective for hives, mumps, boils. A good detoxifier of the blood and lymphatic system. Effect for treatments of cancer in particular lymphoma. Nutrients: Energy: Cold Flavor: Bitter Organs Affected: Lung, stomach meridians Avoid: If conditions of diarrhea are present In Season:


9 Integrity/Wisdom: 9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,90,99 Never leave behind unfinished or unresolved business. It is necessary to release the past, and to do the best that you can with your talents. Learn how to express humanitarian service to the world. Learn the value of giving of yourself without becoming a martyr. Learn how to master knowing when to enter into a situa tion and when to stand back with love. learn how not to meddle or keep others from learning their own life’s lessons, like yourself. Doing something for self: Your success is tied to your personal fortunes and endeavors that makes the world a better place for others. If you pursue money for its own sake, af ter giving up on your larger dreams, you are likely to become empty-handed. Opportunity comes from being among emotional, artistic Building Character: Control impulsiveness, look before leaping Read Books On: World events, principles, languages, theatre Opportunities: Creative arts, drama, world improvement


Affairs Of The Heart Our Deepest Desires In A Relationship (vowels) 

Sometimes the attraction is more about the requirement of the moment than it is about the love and committment.

[_] 9: HUMANITARIAN:  Courageous, Compassion, Romanticism, Spiritual.  Romantic enjoys the praise of loved ones/peers. Vision is usually on the crowds of people, not home.

Compatible :2,3,4,5,6,7,9,11,22,33      

Challenging: 1,8,44 


  • Stress relief: Restore wellbeing, Release fear, Outdoor sports, acrobats, traveling, carpentry, horseback riding,
  • Manage Anger: Don’t hold grudges. Forgiveness, think positive thought
  • Aromatherapy:
  • []-Cinnamon: Relieves tension, steadies the nerves.
  • []-Jasmine: Lift's ones moods, flows through anxieties, relaxing, builds self-esteem.
  • []-Marjoram: Redirects sexual energy, carries away fears of love.
  • Music therapy: #D (___)
  • Color therapy:
  • []Bronze/Brown promotes personal security and self worth. Receives energy from the earth. Over-stimulated: Under-stimulated: Underestimates your own capabilities, puts others ahead of self, easily hurt, allows others to take advantage of your good nature, emotional insecurity, lack of physical stamina, uncertain about future, fear of survival, feeling consumed by worries, guilt or fears others having control over self. Good for:H ypoglycemia, diabetes, female hormone imbalance, bone structure weakness Caution: Avoid when lower bowel problems.
  • [] GOLD Will and determination. Satisfaction from successful accomplishments and/or high attainments and goals. Courage, confidence, increase of personal power. Maintain positive thinking & healthy application. Increase My material success. Motivate high ideals. Stimulate a Desire for self-reward. Enhance My feelings of security. Underestimulated: Cynical, mistrusting, obstructive Turns inward to attack self when dreams are shattered, feelings of victimization, fear of success
  • Color Crystal Therapy:
  • []Gold2: Positive thinking, high ideals, calms anger
  • []Opal: . Releases inhibitions, allowing one to be spontaneous in action. A stone of happy dreams and changes. Happy dreams arising from the understanding of personal higher potentials coupled with the acceptance of ones inherent perfection. Happy changes emanate from events and situations which allow ones aspirations to surface. Used in sacred ceremonies of the Native American and Australian Aborigines culture. Purpose, color-work, disperses infections, purifies the blood and the kidneys, regulates insulin production. Used in the treatment of disorders of the vision, and the eyes, alleviate fevers, stimulates circulatory functions. Assists in the recovery from Parkinson’s dis-ease. Provides ease and comfort during childbirth. Also Vibrates to: 8
  • []Clear Quartz: Amplifies thoughts. Aligns the energy of the body with the universe. Provides clarity. Used to facilitate both speaking with, and receiving information from spiritual masters, teachers, and healers. A stone of power. A healer of negativity associated with ones perspectives and judgments. It stimulates positive thoughts & feelings. Can direct ones materialistic energies toward the spiritual realm. Reduces fevers, glandular swelling, dis-eases of the kidneys, circulatory system, burned skin, blistering, elimination of toxins, digestive disorders, bladder infections and dysfunctions. Also Vibrates to: 4 


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