HealthWealthAndRomance Cycle:4

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HealthWealthAndRomance Cycle:4


[_]4 Break Up Old Energy Patterns: 4,13,22,31,40,49,58,67,76,85,94

Sensitivity: Mental/emotional disorders, hysteria, mysterious ailments,

Foods: banana & other fresh fruit, lentil, okra, spinach, other vegetables

Activity: Visit museums, concerts & theatre. Do gardening, sculpture, chess


[]banana 4 Cultivated in India 4,000 years ago. Known in India as the “Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil” Rome called it the “Fruit of The Wise Men” The name banana was derived from the Congolese. Bananas are eaten worldwide. Lubricates intestines. A food that is often used to begin babies on solid food when they are ready to eat. Good for hypertension. Increases humility and calmness. Bananas help to release stress associated with attempting to incorporate new ideas about changing lifestyles, relationships, and intimacy. C, Potassium, Calcium, Chlorine. Good for spleen, stomach. When yellow: good for constipation. When green: good for diarrhea & colitis. Nutrients: A/Beta-Carotene, B-2/Riboflavin, B-3/niacin, B-6/Pyridoxine, Biotin, Chlorine, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Silicon, Energy: Cool Flavor: Sweet, bitter Organs Affected: Lungs, Kidneys In Season: Vegetables:

[]okra 4 Lubricates intestines, helps ease constipate. Okra eaten throughout pregnancy shortens labor. Nutrients: High in Carotene, B-complex, C Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:

[]spinach 1,4,8 Supports functions of large intestines, stomach, and liver. Supports vision, eases constipation and hemorrhoids in elderly or frail people. Moistens, lubricates dryness, arrests bleeding, acts as a hemostatic, good for nosebleeds. Useful in conditions of constipation, hemorrhoids, discharge of blood from anus, . Good for thirst in diabetes. Good for juvenile onset diabetes. Helps with alcoholism, and scurvy. Not recommended for someone with a tendency towards loose stools or urinary incontinence. Because of oxalic acid those prone to kidney stones or gallstones are advised to eat spinach sparingly. Oxalic acid also interferes with Calcium absorption. Nutrients: A/Beta-Carotene, Choline (B), Folic Acid (B), C Ascorbic Acid, E/Tocopherol, F/Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Chlorine, Fluorine, Potassium, Silicon, Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc Energy: Cool Flavor: Sweet Organs Affected: Large and small intestine Avoid: Under conditions of Spermatorrhea In Season:


[]skullcap 4 Safe central nervous system tonic and sedative. Known for it’s tranquilizing effect, relaxes all states of nervous tension, while nourishing and strengthening. Good for nervous disorders such as hysteria, relieves seizures. Also good for epilepsy, rheumatism, convulsions, headaches, insomnia, restlessness. Useful for seminal weakness. Useful for getting people through withdrawal stage of drug and alcohol self abuse. Relieves pain, muscle cramps, and spasms. Improves circulation, strengthens the muscles of the heart. Combines well with valerian and hops for treating nervous tension, pre-menstrual tension. Combines with chamomile for dispelling restlessness and sleeplessness. Nutrients: Vitamin E, Iron, Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:

[]St. John’s Wort 1,4 Native Americans have traditionally used St. John’s Wort as a tea for tuberculosis and other respiratory ailments. Modern tests have proven that the extracts are active against the bacterium that causes tuberculosis. Healing regenerative effect on nervous system and all emotional manifestations. Sedative with anti-depressant properties. Calming, relieves anxiety and excitability. Reliable during male and female menopausal stress and jaundice. St. John’s Wort is a blood purifier, useful for boils, uterine pain, suppressed urine, diarrhea, dysentery. Improves sleep in insomnia. Also useful for excessive sleep hypersomnia. Has a marked pain relieving effect. Stimulates new formation of damaged tissues. Helps to control the flow of fluids as in bedwetting and difficulty menstruation and uterine cramping. Has anti-retroviral activity with no serious side effects. Nutrients: Energy: Slightly cold Flavor: Bitter Organs Affected: Liver meridian In Season:

[]vervain 4 Has tranquilizing effect when nervous and have difficulty sleeping. Treats anxiety and skin breakouts that are triggered by stress and tension. Good for working with creative visualization. It gives a greater understanding of the world and how to coexist with other levels. Helps to attune one to their higher energies on a purer undefined level of the intuitive process. Intuitive gifts are strengthened and enhanced. It helps to achieve multidimensional transfer of energy. Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:



[_] 4: Builder 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76, 85, 94

Stress relief:  Break up fixed patterns, mental stress. Address devotion & self abandonment. Chess,museum, concert,electronic, garden, sculpting

Manage Anger: Identify possible solutions. Resolve issue, reschedule


[]+Eucalyptus: Concentration, sluggishness, helps when there's little intellectual enthusiasm.

[]+Frankincense: Fortifying, good for meditation, expands the consciousness. Induces concentration.

[]+Spearmint: Increases concentration, memory, stimulating mind, and body. Soothes headaches.

[]- Thyme: Relieves mental instability, melancholy, and nightmares. Helps to strengthen mem ory.

Music therapy: #F (AH)

Color therapy:

Green detoxifies & enhances your health. Green improves stamina, heals panic, fear, apprehensions, & relieves stress and tension. Over-stimulated: Suspicious, greedy, difficulties in handling change, problems in trying anything new or different, possessive, controlling, moody, extremely stubborn or rigid, cruel. Under-stimulated: Envious of the success of others, afraid to attempt anything, petty mindedness, overly sympathetic, a constant need to give to others, emotional confusion, lack of clear insight or understanding, lack of emotional stability, lack of self-motivation. Good for: High blood pressure, eye problems, colitis, diarrhea, detoxification, pituitary gland Ailments: Heart disorders, high blood pressure, lung disorders, breast cancer.Caution: Avoid when allergies. Do not wear much green during pregnancy. Use pink instead.

Magenta enables one to let go and flow with life and the changes it involves. Ideas and conditioning which originated in childhood and adolescence when held on to makes one rigid interfering with being able to grow and evolve. Magenta allows for ideas, thought patterns, and emotions which are no longer useful or relevant to our present circumstances or maturity level to leave. Useful for someone suffering a broken heart. It allows one to let go of relationships outgrown. Compliments the color green when addressing malignant tumors. Good for: Female disorders, cramps, stiff necks, complexion problems, cold feet, aching feet. Ailments: Broken heart. Caution: Avoid when thyroid dysfunction.

Color Crystal Therapy:

[]Aventurine: Amplifies leadership qualities. Balances and aligns the intellectual, emotional, & physical bodies. Reinforces ones decisiveness. Lungs, adrenal glands, muscular, and urogenital systems, skin, eyes, hair, migraines, headaches, high blood pressure, travel. Also Vibrates to: 3

[]Emerald: Assist in bringing harmony to all areas of one’s life. Eliminates negativity to bring forth positive actions required to assist one in remaining centered in the practicality of one’s life work. Eliminates that which impedes progress. Childbirth, poisons, eyes, insomnia, epilepsy, bleeding, aging heart, digestion, pancreas. Also Vibrates to: 4

[]Jade11: Show gratitude. Inspires ambitions, devotion to purpose towards accomplishments of objectives.

[]Rose Quartz: .Brings calmness, peacefulness to relationships, promotes receptivity to the beauty of art, music, and the written word. Enlivens imagination, representing youth, warm love. Aging, recovery from an abused childhood. Clears fluids in the cells of the body and promotes the release of impurities. Allows for the dissolution of stress and tension. Vertigo, kidneys, adrenal glands, reduces wrinkle Also Vibrates to: 7

[]Unakite9: Embrace emotions, nurture oneself, release blockages inhibiting one’s growth

    Flower remedies:
    [] Cerato: Intuition, Inner Certainty Accept and follow your inner voice. Do not doubt the correctness of your own decisions. Trust your intuition. Use the information that you have gathered then gain through your own personal experiences. The more you trust your inner voice the stronger it will become. You will then not have the need to question so often. Your knowledge will expand so that you are able to make the right decisions, diagnoses, interpretations, and correlations quickly, thus not needing to constantly ask others for their advice. You will not be risking being taken advantage of or being led astray by others, because of a desire of approval. You will enjoy sharing your knowledge with others. Cerrato will help you to remember your dreams and develop your intuitive powers. The ability to organize and use your information is strengthened by cerato. Positive Affirmations: “I trust in my inner guidance” “ I can decide what is right for me” [] centering breathing exercises [] meditate silently in nature.
    [] Passion flower: Greater awareness, negativity such as fear is released. Protects from and releases the negative vibrations that come from electronic devices in the form of extremely low frequencies that produce biological stress on the cells of the body, such as computers, televisions, microwave ovens. Positive Affirmations:
    [] Hornbeam: Inner vitality, freshness of mind. Helps one to be aware of a one-sided lifestyle that is usually too fully organized with too much routine due to focusing mainly on the mental plane. An energy tonic helps bring clarity and balance to actions of activity and passivity. Useful in drug rehabilitation. Useful for feelings of weariness, mental exhaustion, and procrastination. When there is difficulty at the thought of having to face another week. Use hornbeam when headaches come from too much demands on the system from excessive: reading, studying, watching too much t.v. Good to use after a prolonged illness. Use hornbeam to stimulate energy in place of coffee, tea, or tonics. Positive affirmations: “I find pleasure in my life” [] Break your daily routine with physical activity [] Make changes to your environment or scenery.
    [] Larch: Self-confidence. Be open for opportunities for learning and a change through new experiences. Let go of all past negative experiences and allow yourself to be guided by your Higher Self. Trust in the Divine Spirit. Realize there are no limitations. Identify, then resist any feelings of inferiority and all negative programming that may have been laid early on in life causing low self esteem. Useful when feelings of failure seem to come up, use during times of divorce, before examinations or tests, or problems with sexual potency. Positive affirmations: “Every day of my life, is a day of new beginning.” [] Look for new experiences, new people, and new hobbies to do. [] Learn more about yourself, study the different facets of your personality and allow your true potentials to become a reality. [] Begin assessing your situations objectively.
    [] Olive: Regeneration, peace, and restored balance. Useful after a long period of: strain, physical illness, unbalanced nutrition, severe lack of sleep. Those who are caregivers and provide voluntary service to the community would benefit from the use of olive. During times of total exhaustion and feelings of being sick and tired would do well to replenish energy by drawing on the unlimited Higher resources of the universe. Ask for what you need in the right spirit and right frame of mind. Replenish your own emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs by giving yourself over to the Inner Guide. Maintain flexibility. Do not neglect yourself while helping others. Olive is useful in recovery from alcoholism. Get a medical check up. Look for signs of poor physical function, mental fatigue, abnormal oxygen levels in the blood, reduced kidney function, toxic intestinal flora. Positive Affirmations: “I recognize the needs of my own body” “I draw from the unlimited resources of the Universe for what I need to do” [] Yoga [] Adequate sleep [] Relaxation in the open air. [] grains [] vegetables [] fruit
    [] Pine: Forgiveness, patience, humility. Remember that you were planned for by the Creator of all creations and deserve to be here on this earth, at this time. Accept that there is only one who knows it all, and that Divine knowledge is used in every act regardless to our level of understanding. The Universe has blessed you with talents, natural abilities, and a destiny to fulfill. You are loved unconditionally by the Creator who allowed you life. Accept self and love you for who you are and what you have the potential to become. Allow yourself to open to the Divine energies in order that the love that flows from the stream of life is able to flow through you. Do not block this flow with self-destructive guilt. See from within through the eyes of your Higher Self. There is a balance in life that includes setbacks and failures. These conflicts allow for further development. Admit your own faults, accept them, but do not cling to them. Overcoming mistakes allow for continuous growth. But holding on to mistakes and clinging to guilt, makes one unable to love or to forgive self or others. Positive Affirmations: “I love myself unconditionally just the way the Creator made me” [] Yoga [] Morning physical fitness training .
    [] Sclerantius: Poise And Balance Look for physicals signs of: constipation, diarrhea, above normal and subnormal temperatures, ravenous hunger, and loss of appetite, pregnancy. Often a vacillating mind set begins at the moment of birth. Being born in a chaotic atmosphere with too many impressions coming at once can overwhelm a newborn baby. One day you may feel enthusiastic about something, then the next day apathetic. A constant change of moods and opinions. Which causes you to look unstable and unreliable to others. When feeling this energy do everything possible to reach your own center, mind, body, and soul. Attune yourself to the rhythm of your own movements. Focus on your goal and move towards it gently, but with precision. This will help you to find your greater inner strength. You will be able to make sound decisions and the right moment. As you focus taking a step at a time, this will develop your intuitive confidence. You will find you have more mental capacity for incorporating more potentials into your life, without vacillating and loosing your balance. Once balanced your presence will bring a soothing energy that is comforting to others. Positive Affirmations: “I am connected to the Creator of all creations” “ The decisions can be found within my Higher Self”. “ I am finding balance and rhythm” [] Do not exaggerate [] aim for gentle motion [] avoid mental zig-zag
    [] Star of Bethlehem: Awakening And Reorientation There may be a feelings of inner numbness, or drugged. There may have been a traumatic experience that is now remembered from a distant past or a recent yesterday. Use star of Bethlehem to neutralize trauma. Positive Affirmations: “My mind is clear” “My whole system is breathing the color of light” [] lymph drainage [] rebirthing therapies [] kidney treatment
    [] Vine: Authority & Ability To Carry Conviction. Positive Affirmations: “Rulership involves being able to provide service” “ I recognize and respect the unique nature of every individual.” [] Teamwork [] Communicate with the Higher Self of the other person. [] Yoga [] Tai Chi [] not inclined to take responsibility, believing in divine intervention [] fixed ideas and anxious about minor or imaginary things.


4 Stability/Process: 4,13,22,31,40,49,58,67,76,85,94 Learn the value of achieving through hard work. Keep a schedule that sets goals and develops a plan to achieve your goals. Look for opportunities that strengthen your organizational skills. To be serious and purposeful gets the job done, but it is also necessary to take time to rest the body through enjoyable & playful times. Doing Something For Self: You are a natural at advising, organizing, financing, or real estate counseling. In terms of providing a service, you would do well as a care giver in the fields of nursing, or social work. You have the ability to excel in sports, and athletics. Use your energy in practical ways. Building Character: Internalize universal principles & values Read Books On: Landscape, electronics, astronomy, sculpture, Opportunities: Organizer, computer, real-estate, mechanic


Affairs Of The Heart Our Deepest Desires In A Relationship (vowels) 

Sometimes the attraction is more about the requirement of the moment than it is about the love and committment.

[_] 4: BUILDER: Disciplined, Practical, Loyal, Stability, Hard-Worker.  “Down to Earth” Wants to be dependable, a rock of strength, an example of discipline for others.

  • Compatible: 1,2,6,7,8,9,22,44            
  • Challenging: 3,5,11,33,        


    Homeopathy: Check all that applies
    (Constitution) Lycopodium (club moss plant) “The Teacher’s Remedy” Native: Northern hemisphere, forests and mountainous areas Profile: Intellectual, rational, pleasant and understanding, strong sexual drive
    [_] anxiety about undertaking new things
    [_] anxiety regarding: health and career
    [_] irritable upon awakening
    [_] anxieties over taking exams
    [_] Fear that stress will cause a breakdown
    [_] underestimates one’s ability during childhood
    [_] detachment in close relationships, rarely depth of emotion
    [_] inflated ego
    [_] lack of confidence leading to melancholia
    [_] timidness & fear blocking ability to be expressive
    [_] concern that life will amount to nothing
    [_] impotence: impaired sexual functioning
    [_] lack of confidence hidden by arrogance or sarcasm
    [_] dislike of close company
    [_] dictatorial & tyrannical at home, however,
    [_] stage fright pleasant company in the midst of others [_] fear of being left alone
    [_] rheumatism & arthritis pain
    [_] chest infections
    [_] urogenital disorders
    [_] indigestion caused by: anticipatory anxiety
    [_] kidney and prostate disorders
    [_] bloating & gas caused by: onions, cabbage, beans [_] stress leads to dyspepsia
    Aloe Socotrina (aloe plant) Native: Profile: [_] anger, [_] dissatisfaction with self
    [_] feeling aged and weary
    [_] incontinence
    [_] Cactus Grandiflorus (night blooming cereus plant) Native: Profile: [_] disappointed love
    [_] frightened and anxious about death
    [_] severe headaches
    [_] congestion with difficulty breathing
    [_] nose bleeds
    [_] Cantharis Vesicatoria (Spanish fly beetle) Native: Spain, France, Western Asia Profile: High sex drive, restless, and difficult to get along with
    [_] distressed about sex leading to excessive sexual desires
    [_] sexual fantasies disturbing sleep
    [_] acting as if in a frenzy
    [_] crying
    [_] rage
    [_] mental confusion
    [_] violence
    [_] urinary tract infection
    Digitalis (common foxglove, purple foxglove) Native: Western, Southern & Central Europe, India Profile: 
    [_] heart and circulatory disorders 
    [_] Hamamelis Virginiana (witch hazel plant) Native: Profile: [_] Needing to be respected by others
    [_] varicose veins
    [_] hemorrhoids
    [_] bleeding from: nosebleeds, tooth extraction
    Rhus Toxicododendron (poison ivy) Native: Profile: [_] anxiety about children
    [_] fear of accidental killins
    [_] withholds feelings
    [_] holds back affection
    [_] has fixed ideas
    [_] feels threatened without knowing why
    [_] shingles
    [_] cold sores
    [_] skin irritations
    [_] restlessness mentally & physically
    [_] genital herpes: burn and itching
    Sabina (Sabina tree) Native: Profile: [_] sensitivity to music: sad or weepy [_] sensitive to noise
    [_] heavy menstrual bleeding
    [_] ant hemorrhage during childbirth
    [_] retained placenta
    [_] 3rd month miscarriages: uterus tired from too many pregnancies
    Stramonium (thorn apple tree) Native: Profile:
    [_] has experienced violence in one’s life
    [_] experienced a traumatic or difficult birth
    [_] has many fears
    [_] violent dreams
    [_] overly interested in sex
    [_] inclined towards indecent speech and actions
    [_] hands constantly on genitals
    [_] has tendency towards indecent exposure
    Thuja Occidentalis (white cedar) Native: Profile: [_] self contained and polite
    [_] low self-esteem
    [_] feels unloved and unlovable
    [_] imitates others in order to be accepted
    [_] feels people will not love them if they knew who they really were
    [_] infection: enlargement of the prostate and inflammation
    Viscum Album (mistletoe) Native: Profile: [_] dwells on the past
    [_] depressed
    [_] gets worse when consoled
    [_] overly sensitive

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