HealthWealthAndRomance Cycle:5

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HealthWealthAndRomance Cycle:5


[_]5 Strengthen Organs, Restlessness, Fasting: 5,14,23,32,41,50,59,68,77,86,95 Sensitivity: Insomnia, exhaustion, lungs, substance abuse, irritability, abusive Foods: cherries, cranberries, kombu (kelp), parsnips, string beans, oats, Activity: Travel meet new people, write, crossword puzzles, swim, fly Fruit: []cherry 3,5 Warming tones spleen, pancreas, liver, kidneys. Treats involuntary seminal emission. Removes excess body acids and blood stagnation. Moves blood in lower half of the body, expelling cold and wind, and dampness. Therapeutic for gout, paralysis, numbness, paralysis, and rheumatic pain, arthritis, and frostbite. Good for the heart. Nutrients: A, B-2/Riboflavin, Iron, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium. Energy: Warm Flavor: Sweet Organs Affected: Heart, spleen In Season: []cranberry 5 Increases urine activity & inhibits bacteria (E-Coli) from adhering to bladder & urinary tract. Helps fight cancer and cleanses the blood. Helps to prevent urinary infections. The Journal of Urology revealed that cranberry juice is a inhibitor of bacterial adherence in the urinary tract. Cranberry juice helps with kidney problems. Dissolves some types of kidney stones. A tonic good for rejuvenating heart & blood. Nutrients: Potassium? Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season: . . . . Sea Vegetables: [] Sea Vegetables: Sea vegetables lubricate dryness and softens hardness (lumps and tumors) They eliminate mucous and promotes water passage. “In 1974, in the Japanese Journal of Experimental Medicine, scientists stated that several varieties of kombu (common sea vegetable eaten in Asia and in macrobiotic diets) were effective in the treatment of tumors. In 3 of 4 samples tested in the laboratory, inhibition rates in mice with implanted cancerous tumors ranged from 89-95%. The researchers reported, “The tumor underwent complete regression in more than half of the mice of each treated group.” Similar experiments, in which mice with leukemia were treated with sea vegetables, showed promising results. A 1986 screening of sea vegetables for antitumor activity found that 9 out of the 11 varieties studied inhibited tumors in animals. In 1984, medical researcher Jane Teas and associates at the Harvard School of Public Health reported that a diet containing 5% kombu significantly delayed the onset of breast cancer in experimental animals. Extrapolating these results to human subjects, Teas and her colleagues concluded, “Seaweed may be an important factor in explaining the low rates of certain types of cancers in Japan”. Japanese women, whose diet normally includes about 5% sea vegetables, have an incidence of breast cancer that is from 3-9 times lower than the rate among American women, whose diet does not normally include sea vegetables. . Dr. Teas and researchers in Japan believe that a chemical called fucoidan may be the most potent among the various anticancer agents found in sea vegetables”. Holistic Health through Macrobiotics Pg. 326 Michio Kushi with Edward Esko. Sea vegetables are a very important food for they have a strengthening effect on the immune system. Useful in conditions of goiter, abdominal swelling, edema and obstruction. Useful for the condition of beriberi. Nutrients: Energy: Cold Flavor: Salty Organs Affected: Kidneys, stomach In Season: []kombu (kelp): 5 Cooling reduces or softens masses, tumors, cysts in the body. A natural cleanser for the intestines by gathering together the toxins within the colon wall and allowing for their natural elimination. A strip of kombu cooked with beans will soften the beans quicker and improve their flavor and digestibility. Used for the treatment of goiter, good for high blood pressure. Kombu strengthens the intestines, helps with colitis. High in iodine which is supportive for the thyroid. Essential for the developing baby during pregnancy. Iodeine deficiency during pregnancy may cause mental retardation. Kombu protects from radioactive fallout. Rich in glutamic acid, an original version of MSG (monosodium glutamate). Do not use excessively during pregnancy. Nutrients: A/Beta-Carotene, B-1/Thiamine, B-2/Riboflavin, C, B-complex, Calcium, Chlorine, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Silicon, Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc, Trace Minerals, Energy: Cold Flavor: Salty Organs Affected: Stomach, spleen In Season Vegetables: []parsnips 3,5 Internal cleansing agent. Gets rid of some stones in the kidney and bladder. Strengthens those who have hypoglycemia or who are recovering from illness. Nutrients: Sulfur Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season: []string beans 5 Helps treat diabetes. Tonifies kidneys and strengthens spleen Nutrients: Sulfur (A, B-complex, Calcium, Potassium ???) Energy: Neutral Flavor: Sweet Organs Affected: Spleen, kidneys In Season: Herbs: []cloves 5 Freshens breath, tonifies kidney, spleen, pancreas. Aids digestion problems due to “cold” in stomach. Good for people with cold extremities. Treats nausea, hiccups, vomiting. Clove tea cures nausea and rids the stomach of gas. Treats impotence due to kidney deficiency. Effective toothache remedy (oil of clove) relieves pain. Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season: Herbs: [] caraway seeds [] chamomile []hops 5,7 Helps ease tension, restlessness, stress, and anxiety of all forms. Relaxes central nervous system. Good for insomnia. Treats excessive sexual desires and painful erections. Treats pain, toothaches, earaches, muscle cramps. Treats gonorrhea and ulcers. Combines well with valerian for hypnotic relaxant. Decreases desire for alcohol. Combines well with chamomile for nervous stomach and dyspepsia. Nutrients: B-6/Pyridoxine, Choline, Inositol, Manganese, Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season: []hyssop 5 Has grown abundantly in Israel since ancient times. The Romans brought hyssop from the Middle East to Europe. Hyssop is a standard remedy for relief of rheumatism and respiratory complaints. It is good for treating symptoms of cold and flu. It has a camphor-like substance which helps to loosen phlegm al lowing it to be coughed up. Hyssop halts the growth of herpes simplex virus, which causes cold sores and genital herpes. Stimulates a deeper connection to to people. States of self-judgment can lead to guilt It helps to releasing guilt. It allows individuals to be better connected with the best parts of themselves. It relaxes an individual’s judgmental side as they see themselves judged by others. Hyssop also spiritually creates a sense of harmony and oneness in groups. It enhances group meditation for concerns outside of the group: meditation for world peace, or to uplift those in the world who are suffering. Hyssop tea sweetened with honey and sipped during an asthma attack 3 times a day will help to break down the mucous, promoting a productive cough that clears the lungs. Eases gas pains caused by colic. Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season: []marjoram 5 Relieves menstrual and abdominal cramps. Calms stressed nerves and muscles. Relieves headaches, insomnia and bronchial complains. Increases fertility. A tea made with this herb soothes nerves and aids digestion. Harmonizes with thyme as a seasoning. Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season: []parsley 5 Digestive aid, blood purifier that helps stimulate the bowels. Treats kidney and gallstones, deafness, and ear infections. Good for goiter, obesity, edema, bed-wetting, fluid retention, rheumatism, indigestion, gas menstrual disorder and worms. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reports that parsley blocks the formation of histamines, the chemical that triggers allergy attacks. Parsley may help those who suffer from hay fever or outbreaks of hives. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine indicates that parsley’s diuretic action may help control high blood pressure. Parsley is an anticarcinogen, it is a sweet plant that contains a substance in which tumor cells cannot multiply. The high chlorophyll content of the leaves makes it an excellent treatment for cancer. Parsley freshens the breath, (diuretic tea) strengthens teeth. Good added to salads and sauces. The root is good for jaundice. Good for thyroid, lung, stomach, bladder, liver, and kidney function. Combine parsley with buchu, cramp bark and black haw for female problems. Juice is good for prostate cleansing. Has more vitamin C than oranges, and twice as much Iron as spinach. Parsley tends to deplete potassium in the body. Nutrients: A/Beta-Carotene, B-1/Thiamine, B-2/Riboflavin, B-3/Niacin, C/Ascorbic Acid, F/Unsaturated Fatty Acids, P/Bioflavonoids, Calcium, Copper, Fluorine, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Phosphorus, Sodium, Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season: []Pregnancy: Avoid: Not to be used by pregnant women. []Childbirth: Good for labor, []Postpartum care: Helps contract the uterus []Lactation: Encourages good milk flow [] passion flower BLUE [_] 5: Liberator 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59, 68, 77, 86, 95 Stress relief: Pace yourself. Crossword, puzzles, travel, swim, calligraphy. Manage Anger:Work it off. Walk, run, any pleasurable physical exercise Aromatherapy: []+ Frankincense: Protects from the materialistic world, brings enlightenment, releases subconscious stress. []- Geranium: Irons out irrationality & discontent, balances the aggressive & passive effects of life []-+Peppermint: Increases concentration, memory, stimu lating. Music therapy: #G (EH) Color therapy: Blue brings peace and relaxation.This color encourages the seeking of wisdom. It helps to bring the spirit of truth through expressions. Over\stimulated: Emotionally unbalanced, ruthless, impatient, irresponsible, arrogant, sarcastic, over indulges in constant searches for pleasure and stimulation. Under-stimulated: Weak, lethargic, apathetic, lazy, self-indulgent, devious, unreliable, mental dullness, inability to see clearly, impractical, mental stress. Good for: Sunburn, sore throats, hyperactivity, fluid retentionproblems, cuts, abrasions, burns, rheumatism, reducing inflamed or feverish conditions, colds, goiter, Ailments: Throat/mouth ailments, stiff or neck pains, colds, thyroid problems, teething ear, throat, & vocal problems. Addictions Smoking, nasal inhalants, running (runners’high). Caution: Avoid when having insomnia, sleeping problems Use Indigo or purple instead. Color therapy: Turquoise brings hope, optimism, believing and full of faith, inner calmness, artistic talents. It repre sents calm, introspective, quiet, self-reliant, self-possessed, truthful to self, following own ideals, in volved in spiritual groups. Over-stimulated: Deceived about self indecisive, undependable, boastful, narcissistic. Under-stimulated: Reserved, indecisive, lack of hope, lack of faith, feelings of bewilderment, feeling mentally stressed. Good for: Strengthening immune system,infections, septic conditions, viruses. Color Crystal Therapy: []Aquamarine: A stone of courage. Enhances ability for rapid intellectual response. Helps one to remain impeccable through assimilation of knowledge concerning ones beginning & the reality which one has actualized. Encourages ability to always be prepared. Helps one who is swamped by responsibility to bring order to the process. Provides for an inculcation of the truths of the universe and the universal perfection. Throat, direction, expression & release, eyes, fears, stomach, liver, jaw, teeth, glands, coughs, acceptance, imbalance, awareness, creativity, migraines. Also Vibrates to: 1 []Blue Lace Agate5: Helps to enter higher frequencies of awareness []Chrysocolla: Writer’s block, headache, migraines, arthritis, cancer, cramps, PMS, abortion, birth, hysterectomy, recovery, fevers, burns, infections, throat, thyroid, voice, asthma, digestion, epilepsy, incest recovery, mastectomy recovery. Also Vibrates to: 5 []Kyanite4: Dispels confusion, anger & frustration []Turquoise: Used to protect against environmental pollutants. Good for grounding during spiritual work. A healer of the spirit, provides for a soothing energy and bringing peace of mind. Protects while promoting independence in action. Used in ancient times to protect against accidents. Helps to develop ones natural powers. Helps with communication skills to others, written and oral. A master healer which dissipates negativity. Helps with the absorption of nutrients, regeneration of tissue, increases circulatory flow to the muscular tissue. Headaches, trauma to the body, high blood pressure, eyes, fevers, inflammations, swellings, breast milk, lungs, asthma, heart dis-ease, wounds, burns, migraines, headaches. Also Vibrates to: 1

WEALTH: 5 Freedom/Discipline: 5,14,23,32,41,50,59,68,77,86,95 Look for opportunities to travel and experience variety & the spontaneity in life. Welcome the next challenge. Speaking up when injustices occur. Use your sense of humor to break up irritations, tempers, or just to manage the shift in moods. Doing Something For Self: Teaching, writing, acting, music, politics, leading training, court reporting, sales work that involves travel and working with a variety of people. You can do anything that appeals to you. Your quick wit enables you to find or create money when you need it. You sometimes trade security for adventure Building Character: Be responsible, guard against impulsiveness Read Books On: Import & export, world customs, journalism Opportunities: Writing, music, politics, sales, travel, media

ROMANCE: Affairs Of The Heart Our Deepest Desires In A Relationship (vowels) Sometimes the attraction is more about the requirement of the moment than it is about the love and committment. [_] 5: LIBERATOR: Versatile, Spontaneous, Communicator. Stimulated by the new/fascinating. Attractive, drawn to original thinkers/exciting personalities. Compatible: 1,3,9,22 Challenging: 2,4,5,6,7,8,11,33,44

Homeopathy: Check all that applies

[_] (Constitution) Argentum Nitricum (silver nitrate) Native: Profile: Impulsive, humorous, intellectually witty, sociable [_] loner: unable to find a comfortable, acceptable niche in society [_] feels time is slowly passing [_] reserved expressions [_] lack of clarity: impressionable [_] shows soft side first, but can be bossy & difficult to work with [_] fear of heights: bridges, tall buildings, [_] anticipatory anxiety: not knowing how a coming task or event [_] imagines the worst will turn out: exams, doctor visit, new job, a project, or task [_] anxious thinking someone is expecting of them. [_] dread of ordeals and fearing possibility of failure [_] nervousness regarding health issues, & mental [_] feels very needy, develops unrealistic expectations of others breakdown [_] paranoia: feels that the world is not a safe place [_] apologizes frequently: refers to self as bad [_] mind is less reliable: poor concentration & memory [_] words become misplaced [_] fear of: uncertainness of future, disease and imminent death [_] Fear of wide open spaces:vulnerability,exposure [_] claustrophobic: fear of crowds, crowded spaces, walls [_] anxiety from having to ride on public transport [_] obsessive thoughts tation [_] good for hoarseness for: singers, public speakers, [_] good for injured testicles [_] diarrhea or upset stomachs from eating sweets [_] vaginismus: spasms of the vagina muscles may be caused by intercourse followed by bleeding caused by anxiety [_] Plumbum (lead) Native: Profile: Inflexibility [_] Selfish: Thinking only of self [_] Self destructive and impulsive [_] Depression [_] Fear of being killed [_] Partial or total loss of memory [_] Problems at school [_] Nervous energy [_] Emotionally unstable and restless [_] (Constitution) Sepia (cuttlefish ink) Native: Mediterranean sea, Profile: Loves to dance, strongly opinionated [_] irritable with loved ones, but extroverted in company [_] independent [_] engulfed by extreme sense of duty [_] disguises vulnerability [_] career-minded [_] cannot assert words [_] fears: poverty, being alone [_] attractive [_] acts on: female reproductive organs [_] prolapsed uterus [_] PMS, [_] hot flashes, [_] pain during intercourse [_] dislikes being touched [_] incontinence [_] fatigue [_] poor circulation [_] obsessive compulsive behavior [_] headaches [_] vaginal discharge: yellow-green offensive [_] (Constitution) Silica (rock crystal, quartz) Native: World wide Profile: Lack of confidence [_] feelings of apprehension [_] uncommitted in relationships: fear of giving too much of self [_] fear of failure [_] eternal student [_] feels pushed around [_] Having fixed ideas and thoughts [_] Difficulties accepting new ideas [_] overworked: exhaustion, insomnia [_] obsessive about small details [_] Has little imagination [_] weak hair [_] weakened immune system due to: undernourishment [_] diabetes [_] recurrent infections: colds, flu, ear [_] nervous system probl.: inability to expel stools [_] digestive disorders [_] headaches [_] bone conditions: tooth, nail, [_] skin conditions: unhealthy complexion, acne [_] slow bone growth and fontanels slow to close in babies.

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