HealthWealthAndRomance Cycle:8

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HealthWealthAndRomance Cycle:8


[_]8 Soothe & Relieve Mental Anxieties: 8,17,26,35,44,53,62,71,80,89,98

  • Sensitivity: Blood diseases, rheumatism, headaches, power-hungry, useless
  • Foods: celery, dates, spinach, turnips, savory.
  • Limit animal flesh.
  • Vitamins: A,D,E, B12, Minerals: Magnesium, Potassium Activity:
  • Nature studies & rock collecting, gemstones, antiques, folklore


[]dates 8,9 Known to have been cultivated as far back as 3,500 B.C. in the Nile Valley of Kemet. Dates are known as “The Candy That Grows on Trees” Arabian caravans relied on dates on long journeys used across the dessert. Dates are a heat producing foods, they give energy to those who engage in physical exercise and hard work. Dates dilute excess gastric acid in the gut relieving heartburn. For upset stomach eat a few dates or soak several in a cup of hot water then drink the liquid. Good for nervousness & hysteria from weakness. Helps to remedy an overly critical nature by bringing out the quality of sweetness and tenderness. Works also as a laxative. Used for aging, lack of semen, and impotence. According to Medicinal Plants of the Bible dates may help with testicular tumors, stomach, uterus, & abdominal tumors, hardness of the liver and spleen, as well as, ulcerated & non ulcerated cancers. Avoid when: diabetic conditions exist, yeast infections, or respiratory infections. According to Medicine of the Prophet dried dates stimulates liver functions, intestinal secretions,, eating fresh or dried dates increases sexual potency. Do not eat fresh dates excessively, may cause bladder pain. Dried Medina dates are used as an antidote to poison and negativity. Good for spleen, stomach. Nutrients: A, B-1/Thiamine, B-2/Riboflavin, B-3/Niacin, Chlorine, Flourine, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous Potassium, Sodium, . Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:


[]celery 7,8 Blood cleanser. Slightly reduces blood pressure by relaxing muscle tissue in artery walls enhancing blood flow. Good for headaches, dizziness, conjunctivitis. Expels wind, good for constipation, breaks up gallstones, relieves liver congestion, heals wounds. Good for arthritis, rheumatism, gout, brings energy up. Celery opens obstructions of the liver and dissolves liver stones. Stimulates menstrual flow and excretion of urine. Breaks up and neutralizes bad body odors. Stimulates sexual desire, increases semen. Good for stomach, liver, kidneys. Nutrients: A/Beta-Carotene, B-17/Amjygdalin, C/Ascorbic Acid, Calcium, Chlorine, Manganese, Phosphorus, Silicon, Sulfur, In Season:

[]spinach 1,4,8 Supports functions of large intestines, stomach, and liver. Supports vision, eases constipation and hemorrhoids in elderly or frail people. Moistens, lubricates dryness, arrests bleeding, acts as a hemostatic, good for nosebleeds. Useful in conditions of constipation, hemorrhoids, discharge of blood from anus, . Good for thirst in diabetes. Good for juvenile onset diabetes. Helps with alcoholism, and scurvy. Not recommended for someone with a tendency towards loose stools or urinary incontinence. Because of oxalic acid those prone to kidney stones or gallstones are advised to eat spinach sparingly. Oxalic acid also interferes with Calcium absorption. Nutrients: A/Beta-Carotene, Choline (B), Folic Acid (B), C Ascorbic Acid, E/Tocopherol, F/Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Chlorine, Fluorine, Potassium, Silicon, Sodium, Sulfur, Zinc Energy: Cool Flavor: Sweet Organs Affected: Large and small intestine Avoid: Under conditions of Spermatorrhea In Season:

[] turnip 8 Digestive aid. Clears heat, dissolves phlegm, moistens and cools, strengthens the blood. Good for general detoxification. Helps to change forces of negativity and difficulty into energies of health and harmony. Assists in dispelling negative though forms experienced during sleep. Helps with the recollection and understanding of dreams. Helps relieve difficult sleep patterns, recommended for people with insomnia. Recommended to eat in a salad around noontime, but not directly before sleeping. Turnip juice reduces mucous and catarrh. Anticarcinogenic properties. Nutrients: (B, C, Calcium?) , Fluorine, Iodine, Potassium, Sulfur, Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:


[]angelica 8 Good for colds, coughs, bronchitis and other lung conditions. Especially when accompanied by fever. Induces sweating in fevers, cools the skin. Promotes and regulates antispasmodic activities: helps relieve stomach & intestinal cramps (colic), nausea, menstrual cramps. Good for gas, sour stomach, and heartburn. Aids digestion, promotes appetite. Has an affinity for the urinary system: antiseptic for the bladder & urethra inflammations. Stimulates menstrual flow. Should not be taken by pregnant women. Diabetics should should avoid angelica, may cause weakness. Nutrients: Energy: Warm Flavor: Bitter, Acrid Organs Affected: Kidney, urinary bladder meridians Avoid: If diabetic, yin deficiency, or heat In Season:

[] cumin

[] marshamallow root

[] savory 8 Aids digestion of fatty foods, beans, or acidic foods like tomato. Nutrients: Energy: Flavor: Organs Affected: In Season:

[] shepherd's purse

[] sesame seeds black

[] Solomon’s seal 8 Useful for chronic coughs, body weakness, and dryness, and thirst with heat intolerance. Nutrients: Energy: Slightly cold Flavor: Sweet Organs Affected: Lung, heart, stomach merideans In Season:


[ ] 8: Entrepreneur 17,26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71,80, 89, 98

Stress relief: Relieve anxieties, open air morning walks. Pottery, nature antiques, skiing, religious studies, folklore, collecting rocks

Manage Anger:Humor to release tension. Lighten up, avoid sarcasm


  • [] - Angelica: Helps to see problems in a new light, changes sluggishness into revitalization.
  • []- + Ginger: Arousing, fortifying, inviting and satisfying.
  • [] - Mimosa: Renews the sense of well-being, helps to open lines of communication.

Music therapy:

C (OM)

Color therapy:

[]Pink cares and nurtures the people you love.

Over-stimulated: Overburdened with responsibilities. Under-stimulated: Feeling dependent on others, unable to say "no". Feeling over-burdened by outside dependencies, having trouble turning other people down, timid, scared to take risks, lack of self-acceptance, unable to love or nurture others, insensitive to one's own needs, emotional traumas. Good for: Heart spasms, angina, circulatory problems, blood disorders, asthma.

[]White New ideas, creative insights, a simplified lifestyle, and more time for self. Wisdom from the ancients, comprehending one’s purpose. Counteract negative thinking. Communicate an individualistic image. Reduce My muscular tension. Be open to new ideas. Organs: Lungs, large intestine. Shadows: Secluded, barren, harsh, rigid, egocentric, thinking only of My own needs.. Feel lonely & unloved, worry or mental confusion, need for extra spiritual protection, detached.

Color Crystal Therapy:

[]Diamond: Removes fog from the aura & the mind so recognition of obstructions can be seen on the path towards enlightenment. Helps to manifest abundance. Dispels anger. A remind of one’s goals towards spiritual awareness. Wealth, insomnia, nightmares, skin, growth, gout. Also Vibrates to: 33

[]Moonstone4: Confidence & composure. Speak truth

[]Rose Quartz: Brings calmness, peacefulness to relationships, promotes receptivity to the beauty of art, music, and the written word. Enlivens imagination, representing youth, warm love. Aging, recovery from abused childhood. Clears fluids in the cells of the body and promotes the release of impurities. Allows for the dissolution of stress and tension. Vertigo, kidneys, adrenal glands, reduces wrinkle Hypertension, heart, release, emotional pain, palsies, aging, recovery from abused childhood. Also Vibrates to: 7

[]Rhodochrosite: Removes tendencies toward avoidance or denial and helps one to be willing to accept and to integrate “new” information while maintaining a clarity of intellect an a moderate ideal of practicality. Emotional release, skin, nails, hair, palsies, ulcers, liver, blood, digestion, cancer, asthma, mucous, constipation.

[]Selenite8: Listen to the ancient wisdom

Flower remedies:

[] centaury Self Determination Self Realization Native: Profile: Useful for those times when a person cannot say no. Good nature is easily exploited. For those who complain about being tired and overworked who have taken on too much, though they desire to helpful. While helping others if failing to recognize that they are not fulfilling their own mission in life. A need to be recognized and validated through others.

[] Using visualization put on a white light as a belt to protect the solar plexus.

[] crab apple Order, Purity, & Perfection Useful when taking the wrong point of view. Details are put under the magnifying glass of one’s limited way of thinking. “Can’t see the wood for the trees” personality. Feeling unclean and getting stuck in details. Unfriendly to others with an egotistical attitude.

  • [] Recognize the unresolved issues and transform them.
  • [] Get enough sleep and relaxation for the nervous system.
  • [] Do yoga to clear the glands and harmonize the nervous system
  • [] Meditation

[] red chestnut Always thinking the worse is going to happen. Useful when one finds themselves trying to live through another or using them to meet one’s own emotional needs.

  • [] Reflect on the power of thought for spiritual healing
  • [] Visualize always the best outcome of a particular situation
  • [] The surround the person you are concerned about with white light energy.


Your way to success and prosperity will come from ideas that will also empower others. Establish clear boundaries and stand by your decisions. Take charge of your life, but not by dominating or manipulating others. Create win-win situations with family, and peers.

Doing something for self: You are born to make things happen. You are happy to make important decisions and to carry the responsibility of the consequences.

Your challenge is to achieve a high degree of detachment, & to understand that power and influence must be used for the benefit of humanity. Your opportunities will come from being among people and conditions of wealth and those in need of your efficiency and executive abilities.

Building Character: Be sensitive, respect boundaries & keep order

Read Books On: Folklore, criminal law, business & economics Opportunities: Company executive, efficiency expert, medicin


Affairs Of The Heart Our Deepest Desires In A Relationship (vowels) Sometimes the attraction is more about the requirement of the moment than it is about the love and committment.

[_] 8: MANAGER: Power, Independence, Organization, Religious. Wants loved one to be strong & equal to own ambitions. Warm but too busy to be romantic Dislikes weakness.

Compatible: 1,3,4,6,8,22,33,44 Challenging: 2,5,7,9,11


Homeopathy: Check all that applies

[_] Constitution) Arsenicum Alba (arsenic oxide) Native: Canada, Sweden, Germany, England, Norway Profile: Meticulous ,perfectionist, proud, “all or nothing” “waste not, want not”

  • [_] polite but aloof, sensible
  • [_] emotionally distant with non family members
  • [_] wears the finest of clothing
  • [_] immaculate hair
  • [_] love of refinement, strong sense of values
  • [_] very concerned about appearances
  • [_] may exaggerate about status or possessions
  • [_] talks about one’s wealth or standard of living
  • [_] puts self and family before others
  • [_] cannot afford to be generous due to future need
  • [_] fears of poverty
  • [_] hoarding: string, paperclips, scrap paper, jars
  • [_] obstinate: defiant, refusing to cooperate
  • [_] fear of chaos
  • [_] points out the transgressions of others
  • [_] condemns the irresponsibility of others that lead
  • [_] justifies meanness on moral grounds them to debt.
  • [_] selfishness & self obsessive
  • [_] temperamental,
  • [_] fears of darkness & being alone
  • [_] intolerant to different ideas, beliefs & lifestyle of
  • [_] inflexibility: lack of openness to the opinions of others others
  • [_] may feel unappreciated by children
  • [_] ailments and anxieties intensify at night
  • [_] restlessness:extremely agitated, paces, wrings hands
  • [_] smoldering anger: years of accumulated bitterness
  • [_] suppression of anger results in tension
  • [_] irrational fear of death
  • [_] rage: due to accumulated resentments
  • [_] feels uneasy when hearing about someone dying
  • [_] uncomfortable with the topic of death or at funerals
  • [_] hypochondria fear of illness: coughs, colds, cancer
  • [_] anal retentive
  • [_] fear of being poisoned.
  • [_] overly concerned about bowel movements
  • [_] obsession with hygiene
  • [_] overly concerned about the bowel movements of overly concerned about the bowel movements of the children
  • [_] fear of physical annihilation
  • [_] suspicious
  • [_] digestive disorders
  • [_] cautious
  • [_] potassium deficiency: due to purging
  • [_] headaches
  • [_] food poisoning
  • [_] respiratory illness: asthma
  • [_] gastroenteritis from: ripe fruit, vegetable
  • [_] gastroenteritis from: alcohol

[_] Ledum Palustre (marsh tea plant) Native: Profile: [_] Being a loner

  • [_] Broken down from having taken drugs
  • [_] Broken down from having taken alcohol
  • [_] Craving whiskey
  • [_] Emergency tetanus treat before receiving proper medical attention
  • [_] Gout
  • [_] Rheumatism

[_] Magnesia Carbonica (magnesium carbonate) Native: Profile: [_] Feels unloved

  • [_] Has witnessed fights and quarrels between parents
  • [_] For children of divorced parents
  • [_] Sensitive to conflict
  • [_] World feels threatened
  • [_] Feels insecure
  • [_] Been deceived by a friend
  • [_] Youth who are behind in their school work
  • [_] Challenges with writing
  • [_] Challenges with reading
  • [_] Hyperactivity
  • [_] Bad tempered and oversensitivity

[_] Podophyllum (may apple plant) Native: Profile: [_] Depression

  • [_] Headaches
  • [_] Diarrhea
  • [_] Teething
  • [_] Vomiting
  • [_] Hemorrhoids during pregnancy
  • [_] Hemorrhoids after childbirth

[_] Seleniuim (selenium) Native: Profile: [_] Difficulty concentrating [_] Forgetful

  • [_] Helps with recovery: Due to loss of sleep.
  • [_] Hair loss
  • [_] Weakness worse after sex
  • [_] Weak back: after having sex
  • [_] Strong sexual desire accompanied by impotency
  • [_] Enlarged prostate: dribbling urine after a stool and urination

[_] Veratrum Album (white helleborus) Native: Profile: [_] Fears about position in society

  • [_] Fearful about position in the family
  • [_] Hyperactive mind
  • [_] Mental overstimulation
  • [_] Flattering & affectionate
  • [_] Scornful and hard on those who work for them
  • [_] Agreeable to those in authority and people they fear
  • [_] Feigns sickness to get sympathy

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