Using vibrations to choose the type of work best suited for:

  • [__/_] INNER CHILD (Natural Talents Born With
  • [__/_] LIFE PURPPOSE (Talents To Develop)
  • [__/_] KEY (Natural abilities to use in work)
  • [__/_] DESTINY/OPPORTUNITIES (Types of jobs)

Educational Studies: Involve them in studies that will be directly related to a career.

Matching vibrations that harmonize best for work:  

  • [__,__] 1,5,7 Water/Scientific:  Intellectual, Technological, Original Thinker
  • [__,__] 2,4,8 Fire/Business:     Business, Management, Money, Designers 
  • [__,__] 3,6,9 Air/Spirit:            Inspirational, Artistic, Spiritual, Actors

[ ] 1. (SUN)
Leader type, strongly individualized, must have the right to think & act on one’s own ideas. Encourage to devise new & original methods, & create. You must refuse limitations, while at the same time learn how to cooperate without losing the individuality needed to lead, control & direct.

  • Educational Studies:  design,  fine arts,  math,  music,  science,  writing 
  • Technological Advances:  computer animation,  lasers,  virtual reality
  • Career Opportunities:  ambassador, aviator,  comedy writer,  Creative works of all kinds,  designer  director,  documentary video maker, engineer, entrepreneur,  executive,  explorer head of business, inventor,  leader,  lecturer, metal artist, newspaper columnist, officer in military, photojournalist,  portrait painter,  producer of motion pictures professional sports, program planner, promoter, resume writer, sales manager, sculptor, store owne, television or theatre, productions, film or literary critic

[ ] 2. (MOON)
A good mixer able to influence others in a quiet way. Diplomatic, sensitive, cooperative type. Opportunity is in diplomacy & among friends. Born to follow the lead of others. Work carefully & patiently on small details, governed by ideas of service & cooperation. Put oneself under the law of giving & receiving. A natural at expressing patience & persistence.

  •  Educational Studies:
  • Career Opportunities: agent, answering service,  arbitrator,  architect, artist, auto detailer,  bill collector, bookkeeper, caterer,  clerk, cosmetician, custodian, designer, diplomat, foreign minister, gallery owner, insurance adjuster interpreter,lawyer, legislator, librarian, minister, poet, politician, recycler, senior citizen day care, teacher


[ ] 3. (VENUS)
Creative type, with good imagination and the power of inspiration. Has a gift for words. They are to make self invaluable through their ability to shed the light on dark places. You must learn to express self through art & beauty, friends & happiness. Mastering the use of WORDS in: speaking, acting, singing, or writing. Teach them to give of self freely through joyful activity.

  • Career Opportunities: Seek the type of work that gives one high visibility & the chance to express artistically. artisan, artist, athletic coach, children’s writer. copywriter, cosmetician, dietician, director engineer, entertainer, judge, lawyer, magician, musician, nurse, pastor, performer, philosopher photographe, physician, playground director, priest, racer, salesperson of cosmetics or art supplies, scout, screenwriter, travel agent, vocational school teacher, writer

[ ] 4. (SATURN)
The practical type. Serious, fixed and selective ways. Likes to feel sure. Must learn strict attention to duty, service & productivity. You must learn to rise above seeming limitations. Will be given opportunities to build for lasting benefit & to teach others. Patience, service, & dependability will bring rewards.

  • Educational Studies: Involve yoursel in studies that will be directly related to a career. astronomy, geology, computer scienc
  • Career Opportunities: accountant, building trades, chemist, draftsperso, efficiency expert, engineer, executive, farmer, industrialist, laboratory technician, machine operator, mason, mechanic, miner, numerologist, production expert, well driller, cement mason

[ ] 5. (MARS)
Independent & freedom loving type. Versatile & a quick thinker, good with the public. Learn foreign languages & understand all classes & conditions of people. Must learn to adapt self to unusual circumstances & conditions. Exercise ingenuity & follow various angles of development. Opportunity is away from the beaten track, if one will learn the lesson of discard & not remain in a rut. You are among the scientific, inventive & resourceful minded people. Make an effort to find those who are like you. Your growth is in adapting self to change & uncertainty. Works best when you feel free.

  • Challenges: Promising too much too soon. They may over extend them-selves in areas of commitments. Dedicated, sincere but not reliable enough to meet all of their obligations. Questions authority and will not follow outmoded rules. 
  • Career Opportunities:actor, advertising, communications, consultant, copy reader, editor, executive, graphologist, import-exporter, interpreter, investigator, detective, language teacher, lecturer, news columnist, playwright, proofreader, psychology teacher, publisher, salesperson, politician, performer, activist, news correspondent, travel editor,marketing consultant, professional sports, pilot, sex therapist, private investigator, secretary, teacher, TV/radio operator, writer

[ ] 6. (JUPITER)
Comfortable with serving and doing worthwhile things. The helpful and pro-tective type. Learn the meaning of responsibility. Must meet the problems of domesticity & assume many burdens belonging to those weaker than self for whom one is responsible for. You are born to give material or spiritual aid whenever called upon, while continuing to maintain your own ideals at all times. It is important for you to learn to never seek to adjust by forcing your ideas on others. You want to be needed and to be in service to others in some way.

  • Career Opportunities: actor, artist, baker, beautician, cleaning services, designer, divorce attorney doctor, dressmaker, fashion expert, florist,herbalist, homemaker, host or hostess, incense chemist, interior decorator, marriage counselor, musician, nurse, nutritionist, perfumer, secretarial services, senior day care, service providers, singer, teacher, theater work, therapist, tutor, voice teacher, writer

[ ]7. (MERCURY)
The scientific & thinking type. Very analytical & observing. Technical abilities. Seek wisdom & the hidden truths. Learn to understand the unseen. Develop subjectively, in order to be a fit priest & counselor. Learn to be alone & not lonely. Do not concern yourself with the accumulation of material possessions. You must apply spiritual laws to material affairs. Rest study, meditate, worship, & know who you are. Do not insist upon partnerships or leader-ship. Your opportunities come through what is brought to you rather than what you seek for yourself. There is dislike of manual labor. You do best in an atmosphere of refinement & culture.

  • Career Opportunities: archeologist, astrologer, astronomer, author, biographer, careers involving research, careers involving study of nature, computer designer, dentist, engineering, farmer, fine work with hands healer, historical novelist, history, invention, investigator, lawyer library cataloger or indexer, mathematics, photographer, preacher private investigator, psychic, psychic reader, radiologist, researcher specialist or analyst in any field, technical writer, technician thoroughbred horse trainer

[ ] 8. (SUN)
The executive type natural talents for organizing, coaching & supervising. Capable of taking charge. Must be in a world of commercial activity, business affairs, power, & achievement. Cultivate a large outlook & refuse limitations. Develop efficiency & management. Must learn how to deal with the uninspirational, practical & material things of life & eschew dreams, visions & impracticalities. Provide them with studies that contribute to understanding the laws that govern money - it’s accumulation, its power & its use. Opportunities are among people & conditions of wealth & those in need of efficiency & executive ability.

  • Career Opportunities: Industries,medicine,sports & government architect, banker, broke, careers in high finances, career in power & responsibility, careers in public policy carpenter, chemist, civil government, correctional officer crime investigator, developer, druggist, dynamite expert engineer, entrepreneur, exterminator, financier, firearms expert, games or sports, judge, lawyer, manufacturer organizer, philanthropist, physician, pilot, politician professor, publisher, security officer, supervisor, undertaker

[ ] 9. (AURA,MARS)
The philanthropic type. Dramatic, passionate and artistic. Natural powers of influence. Must learn to be the complete humanitarian & welfare worker, will learn to love & serve humanity. You must abandon all prejudices of race or caste, realizing the basic universality of all peoples. Place all others before self. If the general good demands it, you will learn how to give up all personal ambitions & possessions. Will attract all things and hold on to nothing. Will settle down nowhere, but the world will be your home. Must learn the law of fulfillment. Give love, sympathy, help & understanding without restriction. Opportunities are among emotional, artistic & inspirational people.

Multitalented, your exact nature of gifts may not be easy to identify. You are an “old soul” vibration who may choose to be available for whatever work is sent your way. You are here to experience circumstances that teachyou lessons in faith, humility, and forgiveness.

  • Career Opportunities: airline owner, artist, charitable endeavors of all types, chemical dependency counselor, diplomat, doctor, electrician, explorer, foreign affairs franchise owner, gardener, healer, health, health matters, higher education, horticulturist iron worker, landscape, lawyer, lecture, literature, magician, musician, narcotics agent politicia, preacher, psychic, researcher, scientist, social work, spiritual healer, statesperson surgeon, teacher, theatre owner, travel

[ ] 11. (NEPTUNE)
The spiritual messenger. The intuitive type charged with charisma, leadership & inspiration. Learn to elevate everything to the plane of inspiration. Develop talents of invention or seeking the discovery of new principles. You must learn to trust your intuitions & to have faith in a higher guidance. You are here to learn a certain type of illumination & revelation and give to the world. You must avoid any tendency towards hoarding, and to shed one’s light on the world. Opportunity is along the spiritual lines, in invention, & in acting. Liable to achieve great fame if you do not seek it from ulterior motives.

  • Challenges: hardships early in life. Through hardships you must find the courage to not give up on life. The hardships are life’s lessons that must be endured in order to teach others. You will teach often from your own challenging experiences. Emotions will go up and down. Very intuitive your light will shine brightly when involved in yoir passions. Deep sleep recharges their energy.
  • Career Opportunities: actor, astronaut, astronomer, beautician, cinematographer, columnist, electrician, evangelist, fields involving light, innovator, inspirational writer, inspired consciousness, laser technician, leader in public affairs, lecturer metaphysician, news anchor, numerologist, promoter, psychotherapist, sales manager space age electronics expert, teacher, television director,

[ ] 22. (URANUS)
You are the master builder. You are the one with the big ideas, great plans, and enormous self-confident type. You can turn ambitious dreams into reality. Learn to use your powers from a spiritual & idealistic angle, to base construction & organization upon social principles. Opportunity is in the area of international movement or great commercial, philanthropic, & political institutions, affairs of government, rulership of countries, etc. You will have the chance to make the dream of peace, love, happiness, work, & prosperity come true. It is important to belong in public service or in advisory capacity.

  • Educational Studies: classical novels, documentary films, travel, charitable & community service This baby has an advanced soul with a mission in life. Provide them with deeper, richer and fuller experiences. They were born at just the right time to effect some major change in the world. They are very keen to their surrounds as they pay close attention to everything. Very instinctual and patient, though at times stubborn and willful when their ideas are on a particular project. They are here to experience unusual lifestyles and friendships that have deep spiritual connections. Expose them to a rich rainbow of experiences in order that they absorb and use it to their advantage later on in life. 
  • Career Opportunities: Any field involving large groups of people, adjuster, ambassador, diplomat executive, government agent, head of a prison system, healer, health insurance reformer high government positions, humanitarian, IRS official, librarian, mechanics, mediator metaphysical teacher, political commentator, psychiatric technician, school superintendent systems efficiency, union leader, VA hospital administrator

[ ] 44. (SUN)
The visionary and the doer. Able to make the best of any given situation. Very resourceful. The common sense type, has logic to solve any problems that arises. Must contribute to the world in a substantial materialistic way. Must be in a world of commercial activity, business affairs, power, & achievement. Cultivate a large outlook & refuse limitations. Look for opportunities that develop efficiency & management. You are here to learn how to deal with the uninspirational, practical & material things of life & eschew dreams, visions & impracticalities. Understand the laws that govern money - it’s accumulation, its power & its use. Opportunities are among people & conditions of wealth & those in need of efficiency & executive ability. (see #8)

  • Career Opportunities: banker, builder, businessman, dietician, doctor, farmer, nurse, politician, social worker, soldier

[ ] 33. (PLUTO)
The “christ-like” type. The one who comforts and teaches. Actions are tempered by compassion through understanding of right and justice. A life of nurturing or of giving up one’s own career in order to serve a parent, a community, or the world. You must learn the meaning of responsibility. as a youth, you will be called upon to meet the problems of domesticity & assume many burdens belonging to those weaker than yourself, for whom you will be responsible for. You will give material or spiritual aid whenever you are called upon. Seek the opportunities that allow for you to learn how to master maintaining your own ideals at all times, never seeking to adjust by forcing ideas on others.

  • Challenges: Personal success may be overshadowed by personal pain, through it all there will be gifts that will be bestowed upon you by the world. Your radiance leads you to work for the good of others
  • Educational Studies or Activities: fine arts, music, crafts
  • Career Opportunities: artist, beautification, designer, healer, master teacher, midwife, missionary professor of religious text interpretation, psychic, public servan, sacrificial service, singer